Outreach Project
Due to the vast size of the Northern Cape province, the WHAG started the outreach project in 2003, taking the art to the people. 

Communities from rural areas and small towns seldom get a chance to visit bigger cities, let alone art galleries. This is why we quarterly take an exhibition of works of art on paper to a small community, so that the people can also enjoy and learn about art. These exhibitions are based on themes from the Art & Culture curriculum of the schools.

With most outreaches, there are mainly three components. Firstly there is a questionnaire the learners must complete, with questions on and about the artworks we display. Secondly there is a practical art project, which is also based on the theme that was chosen and is usually thoroughly enjoyed. Lastly, we normally have a film screening for the participants, which are mostly Gr 4-7 learners. Sometimes, if the school is small, all the learners in the school can watch the movie. We screen a movie because children in these circumstances very rarely, if at all, get a chance to visit a movie theatre in a town.
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