Upcoming events at the WHAG is: 
20 June the ART Bank see attachments will be coming to William Humphreys at WHAG’s request to speak to the visual artists of the Northern Cape on the process of how to prepare their works and application to be ready for consideration. The Art Bank is an important national platform for local artists to have their works represented in a national institution. 
29 June we will host Awakening Social Sessions where creatives from Northern Cape and from other provinces will host an exhibition at WHAG, poetry Sessions and music performances. See attachment. 
End of June for the first time in Northern Cape WHAG is screening the critically acclaimed Rifiki. See a online link. This is a film that touches on the very relevant of the LBGQT communities on the African continent. We hope to have a Q&A will some of the actors of the film via skype session.  
In July, September and November WHAG is going out on an outreach to a rural communities in the Northern Cape in partnership with MTN (LOOK at website for more information) 
September in time for heritage month we will open an exhibition that celebration our Africa heritage by showcasing the best of African creativity. 
September 21 2019 - January 2020 WHAG will form part of the Curitiba, Brazil (Pronounced Kooreecheebah) Biennale by curating the South African component for the first time in the 25 history of the biennale. We will be taking 15 South African from across the country to 3 parts of Brazil. Curitiba, Bahia and Brasilia where they will showcase their talent to an international audience.  
In WHAG in partnership with SPU will be hosting an international exhibition at WHAG and a public mural project in the city of Kimberley as part of the Writers Festival. 
Throughout the year WHAG will be having film screenings with Q&A sessions with artists, writers and creatives.  
In First week in December we will have an Awakening sessions (See proposal) and Museum Night session where the Museum will be open till late with curated performances and food stalls for the public. 
All events with dates and details will be found on our website www.whag.co.za and our facebook page. If people like us they will get all information about the years upcoming events. 
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