African Dance Exchange month is a series of workshops focusing on African dance and other dances and movement from around the world but inspired by history, memory, people, philosophy, science, culture and life in Africa. Participants will learn from the facilitator and from each other for 5 Saturdays/5 sessions, starting on 3 June and finishing on 1 July 2017. 
No prior dance or movement experience is required! All sessions will be facilitated in a gentle, non-competitive, and non-judgmental manner by a professional coach, artist and facilitator.  
All sessions are free and open to all people interested. Youth (from 12 years old upward), adults, professionals and non-professionals, students and non-students. 
A philosopher/dancer once said: “I dance therefore I am”! This rings true in Africa, our mother continent. Here, “we dance therefore we are (alive)”! Dance is life! Maybe more than being an expression of life, dancing is a celebration of humanity! Dance helps us to (re)connect. It helps us to relax, to express, to learn, to keep healthy, and to make sense of the world around us, other people and ourselves on a deeper level. 
First come, first served! You are welcome to enjoy and share a dance with us! To register or if you need more details and clarifications, feel free to contact us:

SMS: 0761 537 462  
or E-mail:
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