Lerato Shadi (b.1979)
Lerato Shadi is a Berlin based, South African born artist, best known for her performance artworks. Through her performative self-portraits, Shadi comments on the visibility of black females. She also prods us to consider the politics through which we look at the black female body, both historically and in contemporary society. When looking at her work, we are asked to reconsider the automatic conceptions applied to women.  
As an ambassador of the South African arts, Shadi has participated on several international platforms and her work has been included in prominent collections in South Africa and abroad.
Lerato Shadi
Mmitlwa (2010)
Mmitlwa: refers to a Setswana saying that describes an intricate, thorny situation which one is responsible for resolving. It literally translates as ‘thorn’.
Single Channel Digital Video (25min:41sec) 
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