Dr Esther Mahlangu (b.1935)
The ‘Great Dame’ of the South African arts. The award-winning painter. Dr Mahlangu successfully elevated Ndebele painting to enjoy the international esteem that the artform deserves. A self-taught painter, she pioneered the transfer to canvas of these traditional Ndebele abstractions, usually applied to dwellings. In doing so, she became both a disrupter and a promoter of traditional art-forms. 

Her works can be found in various international museums and collections, attesting to the important role she has played in interjecting the value of culture as content in the post-colonial context. 

Dr Esther Mahlangu
Ndebele Abstract (2017)
Acrylic on Canvas
173 X 74 cm

"To paint is in my heart and in my blood"
Dr Esther Mahlangu
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