Venue hiring
The William Humhreys Art Gallery is the ideal venue for conferences, seminars, meetings and intimate concerts and has a variety of venues to choose from. We can offer the following on request: Chairs, Tables (with tablecloths), Data Projector (excluding computer), White boards, Overhead Projector, Sound equipment, Flip charts with pens and Water.
Rental of venues
Morning session (08:00-13:00)   R 790.00
Afternoon session (13:00-16:30)   R 400.00
Evening session (17:00-21:30)   R 840.00
Full day (08:00-16:30)   R 1 100.00
Break aways sessions   R220 per break away
Use of movable stage   R220.00
Equipment (chairs, table and sound)
Data projector   R330.00
Attendant ordinary overtime   R97.00 per hour per attendant
Attendant Sunday and
Public holidays overtime
  R130.00 per hour per attendant
Car guards   R75 per guard
  • The Auditorium: Seats 101 people (chairs can be added to max 130)
  • The Temp Exhibition Wing (120 people)
  • Dutch Wing (Ideal for groups of up to 30 people)
  • Small Dutch Wing (Ideal for groups of up to 20 people)

Please contact us if you are interested in making a booking:
Samantha (
or Moses (
or phone us at 053 8311724
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