Artist Gary Frier 
Artist:Thomas Pickarski
Title: Masked Figure no: 5
Medium: Photograph (2020)

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Artist: Lana Combrinck
Title: Deafening Silence
Medium: Photo-montage (2020)
Deafening silence: These photographs are taken with a very slow shutterspeed creating abstract, distorted images revolving around a state of inner turmoil. These photo’s are of a person in the act of screaming with which looks like a black mask painted onto the lower half of her face. The painted mask starts to crack and to peel off and this, together with the silent screaming and the dark and light contrast plays upon the contrasting concepts of concealing and revealing. These photos reveal a human state of emotion during which there is an inner turmoil you want to let out by screaming but instead you revert to silence, you try to conceal your fear, confusion, frustration or whatever emotion or emotions you are feeling but the cracks are showing. These screams fall upon deaf ears as there is no one listening and you are screaming into a soundless void. This silence is deafening and you as spectator gets the opportunity to listen to these silent screams and reflect upon your own deafening silence.