Keadumela – Early Childhood Development 
The pre-school children from the desperately poor settlements in and around Kimberley are at a huge disadvantage when they begin their formal school careers.

The project aims to equip them for a successful school career by stimulating their skills development through art and craft related activities and educational worksheets. This project has been running very successfully for 19 years and will continue for as long as the need exists.

This project attempts to lesson the disadvantage these children from poorer communities suffer in comparison to the children from affluent suburbs and also attempts to guide the care givers at the day care centres on how to involve the children in constructive educational activities.
In some instances the Community Projects Leader actually helps the care givers to plan the week’s activities for the children until the following week’s visit to the gallery.

This project also ingrains the notion of a museum as a fun place to visit from a very early age and in this way contributes to museum audience development.  

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