Nestled in the Oppenheimer Gardens and situated in the Diamond City's Civic Centre, the WHAG is considered one of the finest art museums in South Africa. It is a national heritage entity funded directly by central state.  

Visitors wil be surprised at the peace and tranquility the gallery offers. The spacious exhibition areas will invite you to linger and reflect on the artworks on display, and the experience will be a soothing balm for your soul. 

WHAG's art collection varies from 17th Century Dutch and Flemish Old Masters and European artworks to contemporary South African artworks of excellence in all mediums. Currently the art gallery collects South African works of art.   

Apart from its primary function as a museum of art, this gallery serves the community as an educational and cultural centre. Its activities include temporary exhibitions, art workshops for children, development stimulation classes for pre-school children and craft workshops for unemployed women. A social investment project we are proud of and which has been running for many years, is the WHAG Prison Project. The primary purpose of the project is to teach female offenders skills with which they can earn a living in the informal sector once they are released from the correctional system. The most encouraging spin-off of the project has been the rebuilding of self esteem and human dignity of the offenders which reinforces the notion that this project can contribute to moral regeneration and therefore successful rehabilitation of the offenders into society once they have served their sentences. 

As part of WHAG's outreach programme, once a quarter special exhibitions and art activities are taken into the deprived rural communities in the Northern Cape for the benefit of school learners who, in many cases, have never before experienced an exhibition of original art. They have also often never had the opportunity of taking part in art-making activities.  

WHAG has a specialist reference library consisting of a wide variety of art and conservation related publications. This is not a lending library, but students and the public are welcome to use the facilities.  The in-house Palette Tearoom provides light meals and refreshments which can be enjoyed in a beautiful garden or inside. As the tearoom is a Wi-Fi hotspot it is the ideal venue to meet business colleagues in a relaxing environment.   
The William Humhreys Art Gallery is the ideal venue for conferences, seminars, meetings and intimate concerts and has a variety of venues for hire. Please become a Friend of the Gallery (see our website for details) and be kept up to date with all the happenings at WHAG. 
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